Squaw Valley 1960 DOUBLE K80

by Xinitiao


SQUAW VALLEY K80&K60 HILL COMPLEX!!! Gorisek Cousins are proud to present our latest innovation in the art of DSJ4 hill creation. We present you Squaw Valley K80 and K60 hill complex. The K80 hill was used in 1960 Olympic Games, which were won by Helmut Recknagel. This is the first finished hill complex ever. The hill complex feature is not officially supported, so the hill may be rough around the edges. We don't plan to make any more hill complexes until the technology improves.

Made by Xinitiao and Mensix.


Type: Retro Medium
K-point: 80
Country: us United States
Last update date: 29.01.2021, 15:21
Current version: 1
Downloads: 1447


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