Warszawa K38 Ranked hill

by marcinos2079


The "Skarpa" hill was located in the district of Mokotów in Warsaw. The largest hill of the Polish capital city was designed by Jeremi Strachocki and finished in 1959. It was one of the first 20 world's hills with plastic matting. Warsaw was an important training center for Polish ski jumpers and it hosted numerous local ski jumping competitions - the last one in 1989. In the 90s a part of inrun was deconstructed. Rest of the inrun construction got pulled down between 2010 and 2011. The official record of this hill was 40.5 meters by Antoni Łaciak (this distance will be reachable in DSJ4), but the longest jump was 48 meters by Janusz Duda.


Type: Retro Small
K-point: 38
Country: pl Poland
Last update date: 22.11.2021, 18:05
Current version: 3
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Version #3 was uploaded by marcinos2079 RANKED uploaded over 2 years ago | Download
  • custom judge tower
  • custom lines, fixes of the plastic matting
  • fixes of the building under takeoff table, after finding more photos of it
  • custom F5-F8 cameras
Version #2 was uploaded by marcinos2079 uploaded over 2 years ago | Download
  • fixed flickering of grass (pillars between plastic matting and dhill edge) from F4 camera, sky is no more visible from between the grass pillar and terrain
  • added more details to railings at inrun and tower stairs
  • changed width of stairs at the inrun tower to fix flickering with pillars supporting the inrun
  • added railings on top of building under the takeoff table
  • changed design of wooden planks at sides of inrun (using pillars instead of beams)
  • fixed flickering of roofs of buildings under the inrun
Version #1 was uploaded by marcinos2079 uploaded over 2 years ago | Download

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