Oberhof HS100 Ranked hill

by marcinos2079


Rennsteig-Schanze is a normal ski jumping hill located in Oberhof, a small town in Thuringia, Germany. It's a part of the Kanzlersgrund ski jumping complex, along with the HS140 hill. The original hill was built in 1984-1987. During its modernization in 2013-2014 the it was enlarged from HS96 to HS100, with a completely new inrun construction designed by Hans-Martin Renn. In 2018, a new judge tower was built. The hill record is 108.5 meters by Maximilian Ortner from Austria at the FIS Cup competition in February 2021. 8 months later Terence Weber from Germany reached the same distance at the German Nordic Combined Championships.


Type: Real Normal
K-point: 90
Hill size: 100
Country: de Germany
Last update date: 26.11.2021, 12:56
Current version: 4
Downloads: 3466


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Version #4 was uploaded by marcinos2079 RANKED uploaded 7 months ago | Download
  • fixed terrain, because F12 camera was changing its height for a moment during the approach
  • made inrun lighting less bright
Version #3 was uploaded by marcinos2079 uploaded 8 months ago | Download
  • custom judge tower
  • custom lines, changed the color of plastic
  • changed texture of blue inrun parts
  • removed the frame at the takeoff
  • fixed a flicker at the top part of inrun
  • fixed orientation
Version #2 was uploaded by marcinos2079 uploaded 10 months ago | Download

fixed dhill profile (l1, l2, r2x)

Version #1 was uploaded by marcinos2079 uploaded 11 months ago | Download

Initial upload