Luxor HS233 Ranked hill

by Hubex


When History meets ski jumping. In an attempt to get ski jumping to Egypt, the local government made a pretty controversial decision. To build a flying hill on a local pyramid. But after enormous backlash the hill was built nevertheless. Will competions go ahead as planed or is this hill going to be the biggest financial failure of all time in ski jumping history ? Only time will tell....

My historical hills:

  • Luxor HS 233 (Ancient Egyptian)
  • Athanasios HS193 (Ancient Greek)
  • Sinaia HS163 (Medieval European)
  • Vinicunca HS430 (Incan)


Type: Fictional Flying
K-point: 205
Hill size: 233
Country: eg Egypt
Last update date: 14.09.2022, 18:51
Current version: 2
Downloads: 3125


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  • fixed twigs
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