Cieszyn K20

by Palma


The beginnings of the ski jumping hill at Cieszyn Municipal Forest (Lasek Miejski) date back to 1932. At that time, on the initiative of Karol Łamacz, a small facility was built, on which in January 1933 the first competition took place. Because the structure was temporary, a year later it was rebuilt according to the design of the well-known skier Gustaw Kożdoń. After the Second World War it was used for several years. In his youth, Tadeusz Kołder, later a coach of the Polish national ski jumping team, jumped here and lived next to the hill. In the mid-1950s, it began to fall into ruin. Later, it was planned to be rebuilt several times, but it never materialised.


Type: Retro Small
K-point: 20
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