Introducing new features

Posted by W. A., over 2 years ago

We are happy to announce you that recently we updated the Website with few quite important features and bugfixes, which base mostly on feedback we received from DSJ4 players and hillmakers! Here's the list of the most important ones:

  • Introduced News section. This will be useful for informing users and other people about changes regarding website, but also important upcoming events.
  • Added new Retro hill type. Our database contains lots of old hills that differ from currently operating hills in many ways - inrun and downhill profiles adapted to different flying techniques, old-fashioned, wooden towers, etc. It's also worth mention that old retro hills might have slightly different approval standards. It's way more difficult to find good references of hill elements, so in some cases, hillmakers will have to improvise.
  • Fixed bug disallowing hillmakers to upload hills containing custom 3D models. 3dmodel and 3dmodel-instance are not valid XML element names, so we couldn't parse the file for extracting K-point, HS and flag.
  • Increased hill file limit to 2MB. This will be useful mostly for hillmakers who utilize 3D models in their hills, but initially it was introduced for Shchuchinsk HS99 created by Grzegorz who made a stunning work without any custom 3D objects.

We are still working on further enhancements, especially introducing a hill comments section which will make feedback-giving and approval processes way easier and more organized than now. Stay tuned!