Winter is back – introducing new verification process

Posted by W. A., over 2 years ago

This was a really long Summer, but finally it's over! Together with Mediamond and other DSJ community members, we prepared a new hill verification, approval and ranking process. We want to make it more transparent and more accessible for hill makers.

The process is now based on 2 documents:

These both documents are quite long but don't worry – if your hill will need some tweaks in order to get Approved, we will contact you, as it was done before.

As described in the Hill Verification Process document, hill approval will be held by Hill Inspection Team, that will initially consist of experienced hillmakers and DSJ4 players:

  • Areen
  • Barti
  • Hubex
  • JTH
  • kasztan11
  • marcinos2079
  • mask (DSJ24.PL admin)
  • Mensix (DSJ24.PL admin)
  • ms
  • Patryk Szajer
  • Tom
  • W. A. (DSJ24.PL admin)
  • wojtekschiller3
  • Xinitiao

We're all available in the Official DSJ24.PL Discord Server – join us!